Check Valves: VR-01

Poppet Check Valve (FxF)
Working Pressures: 100 | 210 bar (1500 | 3000 PSI)

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TECVAL VR-01 poppet check valves are designed to work with liquids under both high pressure and temperature service. They open at a fixed low pressure and close immediately the moment the flow reverses. They are commonly used in chemical plants, water treatment plants, refineries, laboratories and power stations, as well as in general industry.


  • Metal-to-metal seal by movable poppet (up to 1")
  • O-Ring seal (from 11/4" to 3")
  • Compact design.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Easy mounting in any position (without spring must be mounted horizontally)
  • 100% tested.


  • High working pressure 210 bar (3000 PSI)
  • Supplied without spring.
  • Poppet with O-ring seal (up to 1").

Technical data

Maximum Pressure

Standard working pressure: 100 bar (1500 PSI)

High working pressure 210 bar (3000 PSI)

Nominal Cracking Pressure

1 bar (14.2 PSI)

Temperature Range

-20ºC/400ºC (-4ºF/752ºF)


Threaded NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
Threaded BSP (DIN ISO 228-1)
Socket Weld SW (ANSI B16.11)
Buttweld BW (ANSI B16.25)

VIC Grooved.

Dimensions 1/4"3/8"1/2"3/4"1"1¼"1½"2"2½"3"
Orifice Size 6.581114161722253542
Flow Coefficient (Cv)

AISI-316L (1.4404)

SuperDuplex (1.4410/1.4501)


PartAISI-316L SuperDuplex
1 CapAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
2 SpringStainless Steel CoatedStainless Steel Coated
3 PoppetAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
4 BodyAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
5 Poppet O-ring *EPDMEPDM
6 Safety lock nut *AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
TECVAL despiece-vr01
TECVAL vr01-cotes2
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