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Poppet Check Valve (FxF)
Working Pressures: 100 | 210 bar (1500 | 3000 PSI)

TECVAL VR-01 poppet check valves are designed to work with liquids under both high pressure and temperature service. They open at a fixed low pressure and close immediately the moment the flow reverses. They are commonly used in chemical plants, water treatment plants, refineries, laboratories and power stations, as well as in general industry.


Metal-to-metal seal by movable poppet (up to 1").
O-Ring seal (from 1¼”" to 3").
Compact design.
No maintenance required.
Easy mounting in any position (without spring must be mounted horizontally)
100% tested.


High working pressure 210 bar (3000 PSI).  I 
Poppet with O-ring seal (up to 1").  R 
Assembled without spring.  S 
Technical data
Max. Pressure Standard working pressure: 100 bar (1500 PSI) High working pressure 210 bar (3000 PSI)
Obert. Press 1 bar (14.2 PSI)
Temperatures -20ºC/400ºC (-4ºF/752ºF)
Dimensions 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1¼" 1½" 2" 2½" 3"
Orifice Size 6.5 8 11 14 16 17 22 25 35 42
Maximum Cv 0.8 1.2 2.3 3.1 4.2 4.4 4.9 8.9 14.6 22.9
Order codes
BW Sch.40s4250425142524253425442304255425642574258
VIC Grooved4280428142824283428442894285428642874288

* Dimensions in mm
NÂșPartAISI-316L  A4 SuperDuplex  AS 
1 CapAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
2 SpringStainless Steel CoatedStainless Steel Coated
3 PoppetAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
4 BodyAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)
5 Poppet O-ring *EPDMEPDM
6 Safety lock nut *AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
Special alloys

Among the wide range of alloys existing, TECVAL has selected those considered by our customers as most suitable, which we stock to ensure a quick and effective supply. Whether you do not find the required alloy or need further information about our special alloys valves and fittings, please address your inquiry to our Technical Department. 

Elastomers & Seats

Poppet O-ring (position 5) can be made of different materials (NBR, EPDM & NEOPREN) upon request, considering the working conditions and fluid of the valve. For further information, please contact our Technical Department.


Poppet O-Ring * / Safety lock nut *

Poppet O-Ring *: In order to provide a perfect seal, our VR-01 valves in standard version are equipped with O-ring in poppet from dimensions 1¼”" to 3".
Optionally, the dimensions from 1/4" to 1" can also incorporate this type of closure.  R 


Safety lock nut *: To avoid accidental detachment of the top cap, VR-01 valves incorporate a safety lock nut in dimensions from 1¼”" to 3".


Ordering information

References are formed by three parts:

 Valve Code 
Look for it in the order codes chart on the previous page.
..  Option/s 
-If required, add the code/s from the options section on the previous page (in alphabetical order)
...  Material 
-Look for the code on the materials chart.

An example of valve with one option:
Check valve VR-01 1/2"NPT AISI-316L with O-ring in the closure:  4207   R   A4  .

The reference required to place the order is 4207RA4



100% tested in accordance to API STANDARD 598, each valve is tested to check the leakage in the seats and packing. Upon request, the corresponding materials and test certificates can be delivered with the valve.


All TECVAL valves are supplied packed in individual polyethilene airtight bags. End screw connections are protected with polyethilene caps. Everything is 100% recyclable.

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