Manifolds and Instrumentation Valves: CP-11

Needle Valve with Bridle for Pattern (MxF)
Working Pressures: 100 | 420 bar (1500 | 6000 PSI)

TECVAL tecval-cp-11-instrumental-valve

TECVAL CP-11 valves are used for working under both high pressure and temperature service. Incorporated in the design, a bridle for pattern manometer and a back-seat allow the free packing change in service.


  • Male-Female connections.
  • Metal-to-metal shut-off.
  • Easy packing external adjustment.
  • Free packing change in service.
  • PTFE packing.
  • 100% tested.


  • Bleed screw.
  • AISI-316 T-Bar handle.
  • High working pressure 420 bar (6000 PSI)
  • Grafoil packing for high temperatures. 

Technical data

Maximum Pressure

Standard working pressure: 100 bar (1500 PSI)

High working pressure 420 bar (6000 PSI)

Temperature Range

-20ºC/400ºC (-4ºF/752ºF)


Threaded NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
Threaded BSP (ISO 7R-Rp)


Dimensions 1/4"1/2"
A Open8992
A Closed8282
C (GAS-BSP)7586
C (NPT)7581
D (GAS-BSP)5058
D (NPT)5053
Orifice Size 2.52.5
Flow Coefficient (Cv) 0.10.1

Brass (1.7660)

Carbon Steel (1.1158)

AISI-316L (1.4404)

Special alloys (For detailed information consult attached data sheet)


PartBrass Carbon Steel AISI-316L Special alloys 
1 Set screwAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
2 Handle washerAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
3 Handle wheelBlack painted aluminiumBlack painted aluminiumBlack painted aluminiumBlack painted aluminium
4 NutBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
5 GlandBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
6 PackingP.T.F.E.P.T.F.E. or GrafoilP.T.F.E. or GrafoilP.T.F.E. or Grafoil
7 BonnetBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)Special alloy
8 StemAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)Special alloy
9 BodyBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)Special alloy
10 BridleBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)Special alloy
11 CapBrass (1.7660)F-112 (1.1158)AISI-316L (1.4404)Special alloy
12 JointP.T.F.E.P.T.F.E.P.T.F.E.P.T.F.E.
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