Double Block and Bleed Valves: DBB-02  

Double Block and Bleed Valve
Flange EN1092-1 x Female NPT

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TECVAL Data sheet DBB-02

Data sheet

TECVAL DBB-02 process interface valves enables you to reduce drastically space and weight in the process of installations. It reduces the possibility of leaks and the maintenance. Their distribution diagram consist of two ball valves to block the line and one needle valve to bleed in 90º outflow.


  • Process interface in one compact ball/needle/ball valve assembly.
  • Flange port compatible with EN1092-1.
  • Instrument port 1/2"NPT Female (ASME B1.20.1.).
  • Vent port 1/2"NPT Female (ASME B1.20.1.).
  • Temperature range -20ºC/200ºC (-4ºF/392ºF).
  • One-Piece forged body construction.
  • No ejectable ball and needle stem design.


  • Instrument & Vent port 1/4"NPT Female.
  • Plug in vent port.
  • O-ring seals in several materials.

Technical data

Maximum Pressure

Standard working pressure: 100 bar (1500 PSI)

High working pressure 250 bar (3600 PSI)

Temperature Range

-20ºC/200ºC (-4ºF/392ºF)


Flanged connections compatible with EN1092-1.

Dimensions 1/2"3/4"1"11/2"2"
Orifice Size 121212-1512-15-2012-15-20
Flow Coefficient (Cv) 999-189-18-299-18-29

AISI-316L (1.4404)

SuperDuplex (1.4410/1.4501)

Special alloys (For detailed information consult attached data sheet)


PartAISI-316L SuperDuplex Special alloys 
1 Handle screwAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
2 Handle washerAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
3 Inlet HandleAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
4 Oulet HandleAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
5 Stop PinAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
6 StemAISI-630 (1.4542)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
7 Stem o-ringFPMFPMFPM
8 Stem bearingDelrinDelrinDelrin
9 BallAISI-630 (1.4542)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
10 Seats *Reinforced PTFE or PEEKReinforced PTFE or PEEKReinforced PTFE or PEEK
11 Oulet ConectorAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
12 Connector O-ringFPMFPMFPM
13 Inlet ConnectorAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
14 BodyAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
15 Bar HandleAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
16 Set screwAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
17 StemAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
18 NutAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
19 GlandAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
20 PackingP.T.F.E.P.T.F.E.P.T.F.E.
21 BonnetAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
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