Ball Valves: VB-65

2-Way 3-Pieces Full(FB) or Reduced(RB) Bore Trunnion Ball Valve
Working Pressure 160 bar (2286 PSI)

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TECVAL VB-65 trunnion ball valves are designed to work with liquids under either high pressure or moderate vacuum service. Due to their trunnion solid design, these valves withstand extreme service conditions where the strongest features are required. To be used in numerous applications, they are manufactured in several sizes, connections and alloys.


  • Trunnion Ball.
  • Assembled three screwed pieces through 16 studs to allow a full disassembling on the spot.
  • Full Bore (FB) or Reduced Bore (RB).
  • Smooth operating.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • No ejectable stem design.
  • Anti-leak stem with double o-ring seal.
  • 100% tested.


  • Automation through electrical actuator.
  • Automation through pneumatic actuator.
  • Prepared for a quick automation (ISO 5211).
  • VIC Grooved end connections.
  • Handle safety lockout.
  • O-ring seals available in several materials.

Technical data

Maximum Pressure

160 bar (2286 PSI)

Temperature Range

-20ºC/200ºC (-4ºF/392ºF)


Threaded NPT (ANSI B1.20.1)
Threaded BSP (DIN ISO 228-1)
Socket Weld SW (ANSI B16.11)
Buttweld BW (ANSI B16.25)

Dimensions 21/2"(FB)3"(RB)3"(FB)4"(RB)4"(FB)
Orifice Size 65658080100
Flow Coefficient (Cv) 700700120012002100

AISI-316L (1.4404)

SuperDuplex (1.4410/1.4501)

Special alloys (For detailed information consult attached data sheet)


PartAISI-316L SuperDuplex Special alloys 
1 HandleAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
2 Id. plaquePVCPVCPVC
3 Set screwAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
4 Trunnion StemAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
5 Trunnion ScrewAISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)AISI-316L (1.4404)
6 Trunnion O-ringFPMFPMFPM
8 Stem o-ringFPMFPMFPM
9 Bearing washerPEEKPEEKPEEK
10 Stem bearingDelrinDelrinDelrin
11 StemAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
12 NutAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
13 ScrewAISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)AISI-304 (1.4301)
14 Seat O-ringFPMFPMFPM
15 Seat carrierAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
16 SeatReinforced PTFEReinforced PTFEReinforced PTFE
17 BallAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
18 SpringStainless steel CoatedStainless Steel CoatedStainless steel Coated
19 End connectionAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
20 Body o-ringFPMFPMFPM
21 BodyAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
22 Trunnion ballAISI-316L (1.4404)Superduplex (1.4410/ 1.4501)Special alloy
TECVAL vb65-despiece
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