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Installation Instructions

 1.- USE

Tecvalok fittings are used to provide leak proof joints and eliminate torque transmissions to the piping. Are easier to mount than threaded or welded fittings. Its use especially with corrosive fluids avoid dead volumes and spaces where corrosion starts. They are supplied assembled and ready to insert the tube once clean and well cut. The four components that make up the fitting are manufactured under strict tolerances and allow overcoming variations in tube materials, wall thickness and hardness to ensure leak-free joints.

We are the only one manufacturer specialized in use of Super Duplex and AISI-904L material to produce this fittings, for this reason we are well aware of its technical characteristics such as its good stress corrosion resistance and also good ductility.



First insert the tube into the fitting until it stops at the bottom, and manually tighten the nut. Then hold the body of the connector with a wrench and at the same time, with a second wrench, tighten the nut 1 1/4 turns (1), as indicated in the attached diagram. For 1/8 and 4 mm tubes just tighten 3/4 turn (2). The result will be a perfectly tight and secure union without torsion of the fitting with the tub.


 Tecvalok connections can be disconnected and reconnected repeatedly without loss of tightness, proceeding as follows: 1.- Before disconnecting, mark the position of the nut in relation to the body of the connector. 2.- To reassemble, use a wrench to tighten and bring the nut to the original position. 3.- Tighten the nut with the wrench only gently until there is a slight increase in torque. Then stop. The union will once again be secure and tight.

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